Interminable rooms u 60, This is the only change that isn't exclu Interminable rooms u 60, This is the only change that isn't exclusive for April Fools. Damage. U-170 is the seventh entity you will encounter in Section U. It marks its debut at room U-060 — hence returning for more entity extravaganza hell🎥 Full Video: https://youtu. Certain Sections are more difficult than others due to each having their own unique array of entities, but Sections, despite their appearances, don't stand out very much on their own. new little update for anniversary, added "THE HISTORY" which can only be accessed in private servers CREDITS: nicorocks -- made the original rooms Welcome to the Interminable Rooms U Section Remake Wiki! Game link: click here! Categories Categories: Interminable Rooms U Section Remake Wiki; Add category; Cancel Save. E-60, also known as "The Doppelganger", [1] is the fourth Section E runner-type entity, and the first doppelgänger-type entity, sharing identical appearance and mechanic features to U-260 is the ninth entity you will encounter in Section U. IR Rebuilt. The entity has the same ambience sound as A-60 but it is higher-pitched. Dont hide in a A-60 is one of the two main antagonists of the 2020 Roblox horror-game Rooms. U-60. . U-400, colloquially referred to as "Destroyer", is the 13th and last entity you will encounter in Section U. Like other entities, it spawned at A-000 and This is Not Updated Anymore There are jumpscares, loud sounds, and flashing lights, if your not fine with jumpscares keep jumpscares off. U-260 is literally just Interminable rooms u section remade - u-15 by henzo2013; Interminable rooms u section remade - xu-1 by henzo2013; Interminable rooms u section remade - BU-7 DWARF WARNING!!! by henzo2013; I-13 by Half_To_Half; Interminable rooms u section remade - u-20 by henzo2013; A-60 doing the “J” or sumin by ScratchingThyme908; I-576 by i helped zvardin make this so i decided to record the end section for you guys who are lazy U-5. The Recoded update is a future update in Interminable Rooms, possibly being the update before the upcoming Interminable Rooms: Rebuilt The following features regarding only A-60 grabs U-60, And throws him right at U-300, U-380 U-200 & U-230, walse U-260 dodges U-60. U-5 is basically just A-60 's third face, the origin of the face is discussed on here. This behavior as expected is very similar to A-183's mechanic. It will kick any player (s) who end up outside The Rooms (this includes if the player didn't exploit/cheat in any way). Tweet Share Post. It moves at a quick pace, being capable of covering the distance between it and the player absurdly quick, it is best to hide once hearing it. Fan Feed More INTERMINABLE INTERMINABLE ROOMS Wiki is U-60 has only 3 faces The first face is a monochrome version of X-60's giygas face, but it has been edited a bit The second face is a combination of A-60 and E-60's faces The third face is E-60's giygas face, but it is monochrome and has colors splitting out of it. Behavior. A-245 will, as commonly reiterated by various runners, Entities E-60 U-60. U-260 can be avoided like other entities, either hiding in a About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features NFL Sunday Ticket Press Copyright Interminable Rooms, formerly known as "A Rooms Fan Game", is a game created by user named zvardinRB on October 28th, 2022. In Rooms, A-60 takes on the appearance of a distorted, red face with glowing red eyes put into the form a wide smile. XU-40. View Mobile Site Description. Check out [THE HISTORY] INTERMINABLE ROOMS. Fan Central BETA Games Anime Movies TV Video Wikis Explore Wikis Community Central Start a Wiki Don't have U-60 :ditto to U-10. U-55 will progress to the final room and rebound up to 5 times, resulting in the duration of its existence being quite long, making its I didn't include U section tho. (edited by InterminableFanRooms) U-60. It appears 5 rooms after its predecessor, U-60. Once having spawned, U-55 will begin its travel ahead of the latest room, similar to A-200. You can play it here. com/watch?v=WLPwna8va1Y&ab_channel=YohanGarc%C3%ADaA this page is a EVENT! this page is here for a purpose to show what happened or how the event was! do not delete this page! A-90 from Doors is added as the goober Trollface-90. It had the same function as X -60 and seemed to be faster. Strategy & Tips [] Hide in a functional blue locker or a locker. U-40's behaviour is identical to a previous entity, that being U-40 as both entities remain stationary somewhere in the room before backtracking through the U-60. Like every other entity after hitting the Current room it will despawn. A-60 Welcome to the Interminable Rooms U Section Remake Wiki! Game link: click here! Categories Categories: Interminable Rooms U Section Remake Wiki; Add category; A-60 is entity that you will see and encounter in Expanded Interminable Rooms, it is the first animated entity in the game that you will see, It starts spawning once one player Description. Previous Page U-55 is the third entity players will meet within Section U. Previous Entity Next Entity; U-55 XU-55: U-75: Appears at. 11. 5 rooms per Welcome to the Roblox Interminable Rooms Wiki! Interminable Rooms is a horror game on Roblox created on the 28th of October 2022 by zvardinRB, however, it has been E-60 in a room. 5 rooms per second (Neutral), 15 rooms per second (Rushing) A-80 is the fourth entity players will encounter when traversing Section A. It is distinctive, due to the factor of lacking lethality on its own, being completely reliant on indirectly killing the player. 0 by CoolguyGary321 [NEW] Interminable Rooms u section In Scratch part 1 by 3dashNOTFAKE; POV: You are A-10 and the player is at A-345 by RyanSchool52; Sections are the main traversable areas of Interminable Rooms. A-120 will now spawn dozens of TLUB Faces(X variants of the original U-60's unused faces included) Mechanic and related. Like most Section U entities, it is a runner, and it rebounds a certain amount of times, usually 0 to 4. 3. It is the successor to another runner-type entity, that being U-55, and it currently doesn't have any successor(s). Edit Edit source View history Talk (0) It is a grey a-60 mixed with a-100 faces 3 a-100 face an 4 A-60 face And 1 E-60 face It will rebound 6 times It will check lockers Categories Roblox interminable rooms Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Ahead, there is also a door Accurate Rooms: Low Detailed RP (A-225!) 92% 31. We're a collaborative community website about Interminable Rooms U Section that anyone, Welcome to the I. Share Post. Rest of the mechanics in the info box thing. Please help the wiki by adding and fixing information on U-60. Players should hide in H U-380 is the 12th and penultimate entity that players will encounter in Section U. Section A begins within a lobby with a couple rows of skylights with grey metal frames overhead, where the sun accompanied by the blue sky and clouds are E-144, Also known as Bir, is the sixth, and penultimate entity to roam Section E, being the fifth runner-type entity as well as being the first reverse-movement type entity (spawns a certain point ahead of the player and moves in the opposite direction) — such movement can be seen by A-200 in Section A and now removed entity, A-246. U-170 is an entity that was added in the April Fools 2023 Event. Advertisement. After spawn, it makes a loud, unnerving screaming sound, with silent Heres the image that these are based out of: (edited by JP1619againiforgotmypass) A-35 A-60 X-35 X-10 X-60 XX-60 XX-10 XX-35 A-10. 4. A-120, at a certain distance, makes no more than loud, static-like sound effects. It's face A-221 was the ninth and second-to-last entity within Section A, appearing a few rooms before A-246 — who is another removed entity. Fan Feed More Interminable Rooms U Section Remake Wiki. This game takes within an identical office setting where the original rooms takes place with the inclusion of an unnerving corporeal setting, and an arcade-like setting. Leaks/Information that are included here were shown by Zvardin, RealCat and Noonie. Wiki Content Community U-60 Edit U-60 is a Stub. Its asset can be found here . Like the rest of the section's entities, it was recently added along with many other entities in the second part of the Entity . Categories Categories: Characters; Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted. M-120-A has the possibility to be Note: This entity is made for the hoax Section U. Now the r sector has new entities such as : R-90 locker checker or whatever and R-120 just an rebounder A-404 Encounter (what i do) | Interminable Roomshow tf did I get him at A-300Game Link: https://www. Press the Right Arrow Key, D Key, Or A-60 is different from its original Rooms counterpart, if not evident enough. Z-72 will spawn in the lobby area, wait about 1. Upcoming Content offers insight to future entities, items, game mechanics, and more. U-60 is currently the fourth and final entity to roam Section U and assumes the role of a runner-type entity like most of its predecessors. U-120 appears to portray a distorted, multicolored face along with its wide grin that stretches from both sides. but its a dark face with noticeable exposed jaw and teeth, with a lack of lips. A-60 then grabs U-260, heads over to the U-Section doors, and throws U-260 out the map from the floor, then M-120 & A-350, once again team to destroy the section and throw all the U-Section entities out the map, as the U-Section no longer New A-60 Face by KingOfSiberya; Interminable Rooms BUT BAD In Scratch [X ENTITIES!!] by Interminable_rooms4; Mediocre Rooms 1. A-221 was an entity which would rebound up to 20 times in rapid succession, like A-183 back when it was Monsters. XX-60 is an entity that is a much faster version of A-60/X-60. U-260, like every other entity, is a runner. A-80 can only spawn if a door is opened (or if it's spawned by A-300). Section A. U-380 looks like a smiling face, with Xs for eyes and various glitching effects. It emits a distorted static, similar to X-60, the pitch changing every few seconds, making with the help of realcat i got A-404, im not hacking A-0 's kick message is "you ain't slick". It will rebound 6 times. This entity, along M-120-A, also known as A-120 Minion, TLUB-120 (redirected to here), or originally M-120, motions around similar to Noah and E-1/XE-1, randomly going directions in a slow manner. It is now replaced by A-245, who greatly Interminable rooms was actually pretty fun! I was surprised that I "finished" the game on my first try, and I have no idea if that was actually impressive or A-245, also nicknamed as the "Breaker", is the tenth entity you will encounter in Interminable Rooms. It does not announce itself with a sound and moves very quickly, making it dangerous upon spawn. However, unlike others, it rebounds once, acting like A-35. U-65 is currently the fifth entity and second backtracking entity players will encounter within Section U. Yep (edited by FunneF0x. It makes its debut just a couple of rooms ahead of the first entity, V-5, and appears a few rooms before the next runner-type entity, V-35. It will U-80 is the fourth entity players will find in Section U. More separate monsters can include the X Variants and the E-Section Monsters, with these variants functioning a bit differently when compared to the baseline monsters. U-60 Iconic Design Frame 1 Frame 2 Frame 3 Frame 4 (Unused) Description A-60 is the third entity you will encounter in Interminable Rooms. Damage Instakill Speed The same It looks similar to a rainbow winning smile face. Its Doors counterpart has more of a red-shift, and very distorted. InterminableFanRooms · 10/6/2023 in Off-Topic. youtube. 5 seconds before rebounding multiple times and then despawning. New n fresh A-80 mechanic and design, it will now rush back rooms like A-200. It seems to be re-drawn less detailed using vibrant rainbow colours. They serve as a major obstacle the player needs to pass in order to further get into the game. E-60 will go to the door and wait there while slowing his sound down, after doing that he will despawn by falling into the backrooms. Rooms&Doors Roblox Interminable Rooms Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Frame 1 Frame 2 Frame 3 Frame 4 Frame 5 Frame 6 Frame 7 Information. Instakill Interminable rooms: Remade Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Someone added their fanmade AE-60 to the A-60, X-60 and XX-60 pages. Import Export. There is also blood seen around it's face, and it also emits bright red aura light. com/games/11403953272/INTERMINABLE-RO Aquí nos gustaría mostrarte una descripción, pero el sitio web que estás mirando no lo permite. It, as its moniker entails, begins its appearance above room A-245. Make comics with entities from the game "Interminable Rooms" that's it. Roblox Interminable Rooms Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Edit. Once within close proximity, an electric amp sound edited to sound like distorted morse code plays, indicating A-120's @F-200 interminable rooms just vandalized U-60, Roblox Interminable Rooms Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. XU-60 (yes it’s Fanmade but I wanted to make a x variant for it anyway. U-170 appears as A-60's first face but edited. Room-monters R-15 R-50. U-60 is a Stub. It is one of few entities to be entirely updated, having a unique mechanic in its newest iteration. exe) X-60 Section U U-60. Frame 1 Frame 2 Frame 3 Frame 4 Frame 5 Frame 6 Frame 7 Information Appears at U-60 Behavior The same as A-60, but rebounds to spawn. One example is their speeds: in Interminable Rooms, A-60 remains at a constant 7. dashboard_customize content_copy save_alt. U-60 is currently the fourth and final entity to roam Section U and assumes the role of a runner-type entity like most of its predecessors. U-260 is literally just the face named Firebrand, a post on DeviantArt. The same as A-60, but rebounds to spawn. Speed: Ranking: Very fast (Neutral), extremely fast (Rushing) Approximation: 7. Explore. These movements are oftentimes only confined to the area it had been spawned in, as the entity itself does not seem to move frequently. U-60 has an uncommon U-260 is the ninth entity you will encounter in Section U. U-120:same to A-120 to can make clones, but it can break door. U-5 as he appears. It will occasional stop moving and Description. It marks its debut at room U-060 — hence its name — and will See more U-60. Weirdly enough, it's jumpscare is that of A-221's. It has two eyes that appear to be turned at a 90-degree angle. It is a newly added entity, and it makes its advent upon the opening of room E-001, where it will be seen remaining idle at the center of the room before digging into the ground and will game: https://www. It also appears more A-350, also known with the nickname of; "Overseer", is the fifteenth and final entity in Section A. But *-60 has a chance to check 1/2 table(‘s). Regular Entities. VIEW OLDER REPLIES. It will charge through each room at a high speed beginning at the first door and will despawn after it hits the current door. Upon spawn, A-100 makes a slight, distorted airhorn that can be barely heard. Various clones that are recolored and resized versions of itself will then rush back through, killing any players that are not hiding. View Mobile Site U-60. The entity has the same number of faces as the A-60 from the og rooms, but they are heavily distorted. FANDOM. It will spawn at the front of the room and cause immense screen shake before rushing down through the rooms. Functions the same as hoax U-40. Sign in to edit View history Talk (0) U-60. this may happend when the player walks into the unanchored puddle in IR:Rebuilt. undo redo delete. It makes its debut in room A-350, hence its name. U-80:comes from pc:same to A-80. it's like A-120 A-100 is the fourth entity you will encounter in Interminable Rooms. Altough A-60 doesn't have an spawn noise, he can This Is the wiki for the Roblox game I R - U Section. Previous Page Often when a game is published, theres always some removed or scrapped content in the game. loop. A-80, along with many other entities, was added in the second part of the Entity Extravaganza update. Roblox Interminable Rooms Wiki Community Page. User-Submitted Sprites Studio Crossover. It makes its debut at room A-080, hence its name, and will continue appearing throughout the section. It's also shared with Generic Locker Checker Number 30. -----VIDEO CREDITS:X-10 https://www. This entity is not shown as being part of the hoax, but only for the playable edition A-60 is an entity that can spawn in any room of Interminable Rooms, but is most commonly encountered from Room 60 onwards. A-60 will rush through the map at high speeds and can be survived by hiding in a locker or under a table. This game greatly furthers the entity count from its original Make comics with entities from the game "Interminable Rooms" that's it. Z-72 also emits a similar sound to A-183 but seemingly U-120 is the fifth entity to appear in Section U. Back. U-5's audio originates from here uploaded by @thienbao2109, but the pitch is set to 2 The audio actually originates from PVZ. It will run to the last opened door before rebounding. U-55 will make its presence known by making a heavily distorted wind sound. The main antagonists and entities you will encounter in Interminable Rooms, all having their own unique mechanics, as well as going under a variety of categories. @NuncaNadieVio is my username did it. Before U-400 spawns, a sign congratulating the player for making it to this point is visible. It moves at an extremely fast speed, though will occasionally stop at intervals to utilize its special ability. It destroys the entire map, during which it cannot be avoided in any instance, seeming to act more as an event rather than an entity itself. roblox. A-221 and A-246 were entities that were removed within the Entity Extravaganza Part 1 update, along with A-120 and A-183 who were later re-added in part two of the update. com/games/11403953272/INTERMINABLE-ROOMS#intermina V-27 is the second entity that roams Section V and is the first runner-type of the stated section. Interminable Rooms Fanmade Wiki. The eyes and mouth of U-80 are white and black showing a CMY color scheme on its glitched border Section A, also referred to as the Apartment-Section or the "A-Section", is one of the three current sections in Interminable Rooms, with a total of 400 rooms before leading into the next section, Section E. It’s one of the millions of unique, user-generated 3D experiences created on Roblox. Z-72 is an admin-exclusive rebounding entity in Interminable Rooms, based off of one of A-183's family members. U-170 U-60. The first two sections, Uses the old and new A-60 mechanics mixed up, rebounds 1 time, then rushes to the most recent room but with a faster speed and then sinks into the ground after 10 seconds. be/Lqjj0-pUB-0🕹️ Game Link: https://www. U-80 appears to be an unsettling white glitchy smiling face. Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted. It is a grey a-60 mixed with a-100 faces 3 a-100 face an 4 A-60 face And 1 E-60 face. U-60 is a heavily distorted version of A-60 that appears at room 60 in the U-Section. 1 U-5; U-170 is currently being used for another game, please do not use it or its assets for your own games. It will rush through rooms at a fast speed until hitting the Current room. R: U section expanded remastered Wiki! This is a community from the game Interminable Rooms: U-Section Expanded Remastered made in scratch X-60 is one of the three X-Variant entities that roam Section A, along with X-10 and X-35. It moves at a quick pace. The entity has a large light which changes color every few seconds. DG-1 is the second/third tracking-type (first being E-144 and initially E-142) entity within Section E and serves as another variant of E-1 and XE-1. It functions similarly to Rush, speeding up and attacking the player when it spawns. A-120 is the sixth entity that players will encounter in-game. Interminable Rooms is one of those games, and throughout its history, many images, entities and concepts were removed or scrapped. This means that the article might contain incorrect/wrong information or not enough information, so you need to edit the page, or to come back A-60 Threat Class: E Can spawn in rooms A-60 and up Behavior. Unlike A-10 and A-35, A-60 does not make a spawn noise. com/games/13229421916 It will rush to the current room at the same speed as X-10 and rebound backwards, similar to A-35. 0. A-350 will move in a straight line from room 0 to the last opened room. It is the fourth X-Variant entity to be added into the game, appearing in a minor update Unfinished. U-380 will spawn in the current room, then backtrack to U-0.